Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest secular fraternities, much like a mutual or friendly society. Some regard it as a hobby, some a social club and some a way of life. Unlike other mutual organisations which are often geared towards the social and financial security of their members, it is a secular society of like minded men from all faiths and backgrounds who follow a moral and ethical approach to life, a society where religious and political discussion in a Lodge is forbidden.

Within the Lodge Freemasons use allegory to pass on moral and ethical lessons, using ancient or operative Stonemason’s customs, tools and structures, in a broad way that can fit in with and support any belief system. Freemasonry is not a substitute for any faith or organised religion. However, a belief in a Supreme Being is a cornerstone of Freemasonry. How a brother defines their Supreme Being is entirely their own business as is their faith.

Freemasonry is an enjoyable association of like-minded men. Men who work towards a common goal of being happy and communicating happiness to others. This is achieved by work in the Lodge and through their work in society. Freemasons strive to be good citizens, to practice the highest moral and social standards, and to be men of friendship, charitable disposition, and integrity. It is often said that Freemasonry… ‘Makes good men better.’