Explanation of the Spero Crest

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Spero Lodge Crest

The shield surmounted by the head of a man is also used by Spero Lodge and was explained by W/Bro Sir Edward Courtenay WARNER in heraldic terms thus :-

“PER BEND ARGENT and GULES. Two BENDLETS BETWEEN – SIX ROSES ALL COUNTERCHANGED. The CREST is a SARACENS HEAD. AFFRONTE and COUPLED at the shoulders – PROPER with VESTED GULES. On the head a CAP. CHEQUY ARGENT and GULES thereof THREE ROSES also Argent. The MOTTO “Spero” means “I Hope” but Sir Edward preferred the translation ” I Look Forward “.

W/Bro Dr. BRIDGES explains: That a “Coat of Arms ” consists of a Shield with various designs upon it. All other parts additional to the basic design of the Shield, such as Crests, Supporters, Mottos etc. They are generally coloured and ornamented. The colours are known as Tinctures, including gold and silver. Gold (Or) is often represented by yellow and Silver (Argent) by white. When the natural colours are used the object or design is said to be “Proper”.

Now let us consider the meaning of the mystic words. PER means that the Shield is divided by a band or bands, which are called BENDS or BENDLETS. They run diagonally across the Shield. ARGENT and GULES means white and red, the word GULES being derived from the Persian word Gul meaning red. You will see the BENDLETS divide the Shield into two parts, and THREE ROSES are INTERCHANGED on each part, thus the phrase in the description, SIX ROSE ALL INTERCHANGED. This means that on the red ground the ROSES are white, and on the white ground they are red. The CREST, with elaborate supporters (ESCROLLS) is a SARACENS HEAD, which has reference to the historical mission of the Crusades. AFFRONTE means “showing full face” and COUPE means “cut off”. VESTED GULES means “Red coat”. ON THE HEAD A CAP, a Cap was regarded as a mark of great distinction. CHEQUY, ARGENT and GULES, this phrase signifies that the Cap was chequered like a chess-board, white and red. The three WHITE ROSES on the RED COAT.