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If you are asking yourself these questions then you have come to the right place. On this page you can find out how to be a Freemason and join world’s oldest secular fraternity.

General Background for people considering becoming a Freemason

Firstly, it is worth putting Spero Lodge in context. Spero Lodge operates under the rules  of  both the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex and the United Grand Lodge of England. Information on both of these can be found on our Essex Freemasons and United Grand Lodge of England pages. Whilst not essential, these pages are recommended reading for people considering how to be a Freemason.

Spero Lodge is what is know as a Craft Freemasons Lodge, sometimes referred to as a Blue Lodge. However, Spero Lodge is somewhat different from many other Craft Lodges, as we operate Taylors Ritual. Spero is an associate Lodge of Instruction in the Taylor’s Ritual Association. Ritual is the term used by Freemasons to describe our ceremonies, which could be considered as allegorical plays, with a sprinkling of a parade similar to Trooping the Colour or Changing the Guard. The allegories in our ritual are used to teach Brethren moral and ethical lessons and help them grow as a person.

Find out more about Spero Lodge can be found here.

Who can become a Freemason? Some general guidelines:

To be a Mason is actually more straightforward than most people would imagine. To join the Masons you will need to be a man, aged 21 or over, be of good character and believe in a Supreme Being. The fraternity is open to men of all faiths and backgrounds. To join you simply need to ask.

How do I apply to be a Freemason?

To join simply contact the Lodge secretary with our contact us form. If you can pop in some general background information about your self that would be helpful. If your enquiry is outside of our jurisdiction  we will happily pass on your enquiry to the relevant Lodge or Provincial body.

All enquiries about joining are treat with the strictest of confidence.

What happens once I enquire about How to be a Freemason?

All potential Candidates for membership are fully supported with ongoing mentoring at all stages of their application, their introduction to Freemasonry and throughout your Masonic journey.

On receipt of your enquiry one of our senior Brethren will contact you to talk through what happens next. Broadly they will enquire about your background, whether you are familiar with Freemasonry and its entry requirements. However, it is more about giving you a chance to ask us any question that come to mind. If you are happy to proceed, you will be invited to attend a few social functions. It is important to us that we all get to know each other. After all one of the main aims of Freemasonry is friendship and fellowship. It would be remiss of us if you decided to leave at a later date because it wasn’t for you.

At a later date a couple of senior Brethren will meet with you and your partner to make sure you are both happy to proceed and answer any questions that arise. After that it is simply a matter of a formal application and your journey into Freemasonry can begin in earnest.

If you would like to finds out some more about Spero Lodge, Essex Freemasonry or How to be a Freemason and join Spero Lodge, please contact Peter Sullivan